terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

How would be the world ? francisco vaz brasil

How would be the world ?
           francisco vaz brasil

Everybody says that everything in the world finishes
I say no!
Neither the matter: - itself changes
The poetry is there since from immemorial times…

The world is made by poetry,
by history and thoughts...

For some moments let's go back in time:
The wind brought us the writings
and poems of Sappho, Cicero, Socrates,
Plato, Aristotle and many others
-          the pearls of art and literature we know…

And we pass by the fables of Aesop,
by the Shakespeare’s plays and poems;
The poetry of Exupery's Little Prince,
by Celan, João Cabral, Drummond, Capote,
Asimov, Hemingway, Frost, Faulkner
and thousands of other...

And then, what would be the world  
without poets and writers;
without  thinkers, comedians, counters
of stories, and the troubadours?

How would be the world without teachers,
Without philosophers, historians,
archaeologists, doctors
and engineers (especially the artists of the word)?

How would be the world
Without musicians, theaters, actors
without the beautiful women portrayed
by poems and by without painters?

How would be my world
Without  you?
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