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Decadent Photos From Legendary 1980s New York Nightclub Area By Jason Diamond

Decadent Photos From Legendary
1980s New York Nightclub Area
By Jason Diamond


on Nov 12, 2013 8:45am
If there’s one thing you can always find in the City of New York, it’s one truly great spot where people go to dance, hook up, score and do drugs, watch celebrities do all of those things, and most importantly, get photographed. Lower Manhattan club Area (along with Limelight and Danceteria) was that place between 1983 and 1987, during that weird post-Factory, post-disco, post-punk, pre-Giuliani, pre-Brooklyn renaissance era that, crucially, coincided with the growing AIDS crisis that changed New York nightlife forever.
Area threw parties that struck a perfect balance between the decadent and the downright campy, capturing a perfect snapshot of the last days of a certain kind of New York City, its elaborate themes attracting plenty of famous names. Sadly (not to mention predictably), the building that once housed Area has been turned into condos, but the club lives on in Area: 1983-1987, Eric and Jennifer Goode’s chronicle of its short, memorable life. Click through to preview a few of the book’s many incredible photos.

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