sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2015

"Seasons" - by Cristian Alina

            by Cristian Alina

Lovesick crazy,slipping in mazes
You're down the dusty frame of the hard years ...
The body of buds and flowers in hair of butterflies,
You are temptation of spring, that I pamper myself.

Smile to your heat that rushes in soul
And your taste of cherry, lips still feel it ...
The fine veils see your body in gait,
And cheeks, poppies bloomed you with all the leaves.

Storms gather in me when taste your sweet liqueur,
But you get me drunk more than any other wine in the world ...
I taste you and not get tired and I would taste you a life,
Oh, autumn spoiled, why run away from my arms?

And so I walk you through the blood pulsing through your life,
You snowflake lively that you melt in my arms ...
And to waltz with you, I want an entire winter,
Both of us through the seasons, the storms of life to lose.

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