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Benjamin Button: the last moments... by francisco vaz brasil

Benjamin Button: the last moments...
francisco vaz brasil

I know, it’s the end of my torments
I ever fought against time
I always lived in regressive moments
This is my time’s deadline

I had many emotions during my life
Although it had been lived it in reverse
I had few but good friends, richness
And a beautiful and ever loved wife

Some people didn’t believe in my age
They will never know the contrary experience:
live from an old to a baby, always changing image
I keep way from their laughs and fault of sense

Now, my days after days are monotonous
From the kindergarten I’m leaving for, 
I feel fear from other older children 
And I don’t get to learn classes more...

I am seeing the Sun, it seems like an orange 
It run all sky and hills, strong, high, brilliant!
Nana shows me trees and the sounds that range.
Soon I see a monster: Elyphant! Elyphant, Elyphant!

Nana calls me and leaves me to jump over the bed
I take a cane and I hit the floor, chairs and tables
And I say to my lead soldiers: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Life passes and I’m living the moment like in the fables 

Old and young ladies want to kiss me
And I refuse ’cause life passes quickly 
“Like a bridge over troubled water” and I see
the retroactive watch running very fastly...
The man who was here went away 
and my eyes are sleepy...
I don’t have dreams, only remembrances
[“Mother you had me
But I never had you”]
I’m leaving for other dimension
I’m feeling forever young
forever young!

And now I can see my soldiers
In San Juan Hill.
Let’s go men!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Until Victory!

Now I’m seeing my unforgetable Hildegard
- I always will love you my sweet Hildegard, 
Ever and ever, forever I’ll love you!

And now I’m passing by the old Button’s house
On Monroe Street...
I am seeing my grandfather:
He seems a shadow in my eyes...

Nana touches softly my face
I don’t know if the milk 
is warm or cool
I’m no hungry. Thanks Nana...
I only feel the smell of the milk
Like blossoms in the field...

I’m in regressive time. Time is over!
All is ephemeral, including life!
[“Everybody is talking at me:”
We are passengers from this agony...]

Now my heart beats faster and stronger...
I ‘m seeing all dark around me
I hear only echoes of my mind
Life stops and stares...
Time is over!

Goodbye, my love,
Goodbye . . .

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