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THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON By F. Scott Fitzgerald, Organized by Francisco Vaz Brasil

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

                                            Organized by Francisco Vaz Brasil

In accordance to wikipedia, it was firstly published in Colliers Magazine during 1921. It subsequently was anthologized in his book, Tales of the Jazz Age, which occasionally is published as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories.

- Development rights to the story were held for years by the late Hollywood mogul Ray Stark. He retained those rights until his death, when they were purchased from his estate and used for an adaption of the story as the 2008 film of the same name, which was directed by David Fincher.

According to Patrick O’Donnell (from the English department at Michigan State University),  “IN THE TITLE STORY, a baby born in 1860 begins life as an old man and proceeds to age backward. F. Scott Fizgerald hinted at this kind of inversion when he called his era “a generation grown up to find all Gods dead, all wars fought, all faiths in man shaken.” Perhaps nowhere in American fiction has this “Lost Generation” been more vividly preserved than in Fitzgerald’s short fiction. Spanning the early twentieth-century American landscape, this original collection captures, with Fitzgerald’s signature blend of enchantment and disillusionment, America during the Jazz Age.”
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