quarta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2013

FOR YOU, Francisco Vaz Brasil

                                               Francisco Vaz Brasil

Who has a passion, loss the reason. In a beautiful day I met  you.  We were happy for some moments. And after that I live each one of these moments looking for you during all my life.

For you I traverse the Amazon River

in a canoe of Jatobá,

to catch with fish hook,

the Pirarucu for dinner.

                                                 For you I engraves unsay words

And poematize the poem

As did it Cabral

To tell you about tenderness

And emotions more intimates

from my soul

For you,

I traverse the Andes, ocean, grammars

Storms and blood’s springs

In searching of tiara that best decorate

Your hair, my princess

For you,

I prospect the emerald most pure

I dance the Tango on the Buenos Aires’ sidewalks

I dress an Armani dark-blue

And will be your Don Juan conquering you

For you

I invade the Dante Hells

I die at the Sena waters, like Celan,

I catch bulls in the Madrid arenas

I’ll go to the sacrifice by French guillotine

For you

I buy a palace in Damasco

And a theater in Paris.

I pick up the Saint-Exupèry stars

And I make a bracelet to put it in your left pulse

(I know you love bracelets)

For you I sing the songs of canaries and acauãs

And the songs more tenderly beautiful and sensual

To complete your moments

I’m your composer to involve you in verses

I’m your painter, I’ll eternalize you in my eyes

I’ll be  your preferred actor and rockman

‘Cause since I kissed you at first time

                  My world thus changed, and I stayed crazy, crazy for you

And all I need is you my dear Baby!
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