sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015

Benjamin Button: the last moments... Francisco Vaz Brasil

Benjamin Button: the last moments...
Francisco Vaz Brasil

These are my last days
I am fighting against time
I’m living regressive moments
And I am in my ending hours

Nowadays my days are monotonous
I’m repeating the kindergarten for three times
And I feel fear from other children
And I don’t understand nothing from school

Nana shows me the elephant
-the gray monster –
Elyphant! Elyphant! Elyphant!

I am jumping over the bed
I take the cane and I call my soldiers
And I say: fight! Fight! Fight!
Again and again. Ever and forever,
I round the chairs hitting them and tables
- Let’s go soldiers: Fight! Fight!
Until the Victory!

Old and young ladies want to kiss me
But I have no time – it’s  late!
The watch of my life
Works in retroactive movements
It’s late. It’s just five. I need to sleep...

Nana shows me the great orange
- the enormous Sun!
The man who was here went away...
And my eyes are sleepy...
I don’t have dreams, only remembrances
I’m leaving for other dimension
And I can see my soldiers
In San Juan Hill.
Let’s go men!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Now I’m seeing my unforgetable Hildegard
- I always will love you my Hildegard,
ever, forever and whatever!

And now I’m passing by the old Button’s house
On Monroe Street...
I am seeing my grandfather:
He seems me a shadow in my eyes...

Nana touches softly my face
I don’t know if the milk
is warm or cool
I am no hungry...
I only feel the smell of the milk
Like blossoms in the field...

I am in regressive time
My heart touches fast and strong
like a heart of a child
Time is over
I hear some echoes of my mind

Clank! Clank!  Shhhhh .....
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