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A holy medicine by Francisco Vaz Brasil

A holy medicine
Francisco Vaz Brasil

     Again, as in many well early morning, Francisco’s mother, Elvira, was going to the doctor. That was already occurring often. Elvira was desperate in the face of the suffering of her child. Appeared a tumor in the neck of Francisco. The doctor has prescribed infrared rays and Francisco was subjected to a particular time under those rays pointed to the affected region.
     Elvira cried in front of it. He made promises to San Francisco so that his son would be good. In one of these visits Francisco cried. The tumor erupted and there was even squeezed until it stopped leaving the pus that was created in the tumor. The nurse helped with the healing and even more pressing. The poor mother cried together and prayed and asked God that his son did not die right there. It was a nerve-racking. The doctor has some antibiotics that Elvira promptly bought and gave the dosage requested by the doctor. Francisco, almost a baby and improved wound healed. It was at the base of the neck.
     A few months later, Francisco was again affected by the same disease. This time the tumor is installed, also in the neck in the right part of the head, slightly below the right ear lobe of the boy. More desperate for Elvira. More applications of infrared rays. And Francisco left nearly disagreement from those sessions.
      Elvira has made new promises to San Francisco. Elvira then sought the doctor for a real conversation. I wonder if your child spend the rest of my life with that suffering. The doctor responded to her, that the problem of Francisco were glands. When the glands flames, raised the tumor. The doctor also said that the boy could survive, but would not have a good growth and not be able to study. Elvira was, then, desperate.
In another week, in the hours and days marked by the physician, there was Elvira, the row of the streetcar, with his son. A string of tears trickled from their eyes silently. And she sought to soothe pain of the child. Where was the tumor could not be touched. The pain was very strong. More applications of infrared. And Francisco that was red, redder stood.
     In one of these mornings, Elvira, was broken and crying in returning to his home, after another visit to the hospital with her son when he was approached by a gentleman. A man was black, gray hair and voice so calm, which called her and asked:
      - Madam, I have already seen several times crying and with this child in the lap. What is the problem of boy?
     Elvira then told the old man her problem. Then the black old man said her:
      - I will give you a remedy that will be the cure for your son.
      - Go to the drugstore and buy two jars of barm (Levêdo de Cerveja). Give it to the child every six hours, with a glass of water. Soon he will be cured. Believe me.
     Elvira asked to the husband the money necessary to purchase the medicine. And ministered the posology recommended by the old man.
     After the first glass, in one afternoon, Francisco was asleep and tumor erupted. A yellow liquid was expelled. Francisco did not feel any pain. Elvira tried to clean it and made a dressing with mercury chromium and penicillin. In just days the wound healed.
     Elvira was relieved. Her husband, with the same name as the son, too. Francisco was finally cured. She tried to tell the old man the miracle.
      When she came, she asked by the benefactor. And the people who worked there and lived nearby said that the black old man had died  there was some days ago.
      Since then, Elvira and Francisco began to prescribe to those who have inflammation of problems and the miraculous cure tumors: barm (Levêdo de Cerveja).
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