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Published on Jun 23, 2012
The film was originally to be released under the same title as the novel "Enter Sir John" but this was changed to the simpler "Murder!" during shooting. A number of changes were made from the book including the alteration of the names of the two principal characters. The portrayal of the character Sir John Mernier was loosely based on that of the actor Gerald du Maurier who was a friend of Hitchcock. Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance in the film as a man walking past the murder victim's house.*

The film has different names in various countries. The original UK title is "Murder!". In France the film is known as "Meurtre", in Germany the name of the movie is "Mord - Sir John greift ein!", in Spain it's "Asesinato", in Portugal it's "Assassínio", in Italy it's "Omicidio!", in Greece it' "Dolofonia", in Finland it's "Epäiltynä murhasta", in Sweden it's "Mord" and in Argentinia the move is known as "Murder".

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