domingo, 17 de março de 2013

Lo mejor de Enya. (The Very Best of Enya)

ENY (Irish singer):
 1."Orinoco Flow" (Watermark)  2."Caribbean Blue" (Shepherds Moons)  3."Only Time" (A day without rain)  4."The Celts" (The Celts)  5."Amarantine" (Amarantine)  6."Trains and Winter Rains" (And winter came...)  7."Evening Falls..." (Watermark)  8."Anywhere Is" (The memory of trees)  9."It's in the Rain" (Amarantine)  10."Wild Child" (A day without rain)  11."Only If..." (Paint the sky with stars)
12."Storms In Africa" (Watermark)  13."On My Way Home" (The memory of trees)
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